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About Us

About Us

Feedback Rewards is a division of
The Performance Edge, Inc.

About The Company.
The Performance Edge, Inc., headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, was founded in 1990. Our mission is to assist individuals and organizations to achieve higher levels of performance, productivity and profitability while at the same time enhancing product quality, customer satisfaction and employee fulfillment. We provide our clients with the most effective performance measurement tools, quality assurance, and training programs available.
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About our "Quality Assurance and Customer Enhancement Tools and Services".
We have been offering a variety of "quality assurance and customer enhancement tools and services" since our inception in 1990. We have thousands of trained evaluators and are able to effectively and efficiently service our clients anywhere in the United States through our Mystery Shopper Inspection Services. Our online customer feedback survey services and targeted marketing research and customer retention tools provide our clients with up to the minute information to better manage their business to keep customers satisfied and coming back.


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